The EasyBoho Story

Compassion Meets Passion

Our slippers start with raw sheep’s wool fleece sourced from shepherds with small, independent farms that are committed to maintaining healthy, happy herds and following humane shearing practices.

Next our fleece is washed, carded and spun into luxurious wool yarn. All of this work is done by hand using traditional methods and equipment.

Finally, the wool yarn is hand-knitted into our incredibly warm and comfortable slippers and slipper socks.

Our entire production process, from farm to fasion, is passionately focused on sustainability and compassion for both the animals and the craftsmen that produce our goods.

Cold Valentine’s Quest for Warm Feet

The EasyBoho online store is the manifestation of a young woman in New York who was inspired to finally find her solution for cold feet.

It all started on Valentine’s Day, 2016 when she woke to one of the coldest winter mornings on record. “I’ve spent many harsh winters in Eastern Europe and this wasn’t your typical ‘really cold’ morning,” she said. “It was one of those I-CAN’T-EVEN-WALK-TO-THE-BATHROOM-IT’S-SO-COLD mornings.”

Later that day she decided to brave the cold and go shopping for a pair of thick cozy wool socks. The kind of socks her grandma used to knit by hand for her when she was a girl.

But to her surprise she couldn’t find a single pair of high quality wool socks. She couldn’t even find a pair of half-way decent wool socks.

“I was shocked,” she said. “There I was in Manhattan, surrounded by literally thousands of stores within a few miles—and ready to spend a small fortune if I had to—but I couldn’t find even one store that carried what I was desperately seeking that day.”

Eventually she bought two pairs of the best socks she could find, some sort of wool-acrylic blend, and figured she could just double them up to keep her feet warm. It kind of worked, but it wasn’t comfortable. “They warmed my feet, but it was a swampy-damp warmth, like my feet were being swallowed by snakes,” she said. “Pure wool is important because the wool fibers wick perspiration away from the skin creating a comfortable dry warmth.”

That was the day she decided to start a business focused on selling the warmest, pure wool socks available on Earth. But not just any any wool; only the finest, organic wool available. And not just any socks. She wanted her socks to be “crazy” thick, and the only way to accomplish that is to make them by hand.

Of course there’s a lot more to the story, but that’s how it all began. EasyBoho essentially follows the classic success story of an entreprenuerial idea born in quest of a solution to a fairly common problem. EasyBoho slippers and slippers socks are the ultimate solution for cold feet: cozy and luxurious with a unique boho chic style.


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